2020 has been a hard year for us all, I’m happy to say once Sue had recovered from the virus (12 weeks to get back fit enough for looking after the alpacas) Cadenza Alpacas was open whenever regulations allowed and was operating within the Covid restrictions . Being an outdoor experience we were able to provided a good time for families to relax and chill out a bit , in the glorious sunshine. We are closed until spring 2021, please look at the facebook page for ongoing stories during the winter, to see what is new for 2021 and to find out when we will reopen.
We’d like to wish all our visitors past , present and future a joyous Christmas and a Peaceful New Year.


2018 saw the arrival of our first Grey Cria, sired by Buddy our lovely grey stud. Cadenza Holly weighed in at a healthy 8.4Kgs , born to Rowan. It was Rowan's first cria but the birth was so easy she seemed like an old timer. Holly has grown into a stunning young female and we’re looking forward to taking her into the show ring this summer.

NEW! Alpaca Agility

We now have our own Cadenza Alpaca Agility Course. The alpacas love a challenge, and so it seems do their handlers!!! This is a fairly standard course to test your ability to communicate to your alpaca what you would like it to do next........sounds easy????.....why not come and try it for yourself? The agiltiy course is available as an add-on to either the cream tea package  or to the complete afternoon experience  (£5 per head).

A white alpaca led by a boy of around eight years old, jumping a small caveletti-type fence against a background of rolling Devon hills.
Cadenza Alpaca Agility


Cadenza Fiesta has arrived!

A tiny black alpaca cria (baby) lying on some hay in a field amid a group of adult alpacas. Its mother stands over it protectively.

Cadenza Fiesta arrived on 27th July at 14.10. Her mum, Minnie, was overdue by about 15 days which explains why she weighed in at a bouncing 6.9 Kgs. Being such a small girl Minnie’s previous cria have weighed 5.3 Kgs (Micra 2014) and 5.8 Kgs (Cooper 2016). Fiesta and Minnie were shut inside for the first few days as it rained non-stop, and so Fiesta put all the milk she was drinking to good use and within 10 days she was over 10 Kgs. She is growing so fast it’s hard to believe she is just a couple of weeks old.

A small black alpaca cria (baby) stands in a barn on long, gangly legs, in front of its mother and another, larger alpaca. Both the adults are light brown in colour.A tiny black alpaca cria (baby) stends next to its brown-coloured mother in a wooden shelter with a corrugated roof. There is straw on the floor.

Show results

Cornwall Camelids Association Show May 2017

Judge: Val Fullerlove

  • Amy 1st Junior Black Female
  • Licorice 2nd Junior Black Female
  • Rowan 2nd Intermediate Black Female
  • Micramoon 1st Adult Black Male and Reserve Black Colour Champion
  • Jenson 1st Intermediate White Male and Reserve White Colour Champion

Despite a nasty rainy day, a good time was had by all in a very friendly atmosphere. The Judges' oral reasoning was very helpful an as far as we know , nobody went down with raging flu just after!!! A great start to the showing season.

Under a canvas canopy in obviously rainy conditions, a judge examines a white alpaca. A female handler in a white coat holds it firmly around the neck, and watches the judge anxiously.A woman dressed in orange waterproofs stands next to a pen of black alpacas. On the pen's railings hand three blue rosettes and two red ones.

Devon County Show May 2017

Judge: Nick Harrington-Smith

  • Amy 5th Junior Black Female , 5th Agility
  • Licorice 4th Junior Black Female
  • Rowan 4th Intermediate Black Female , 6th Agility
  • Micramoon 1st Adult Black Male
  • Jenson 1st Intermediate White Male and White Colour Champion

A brilliant three day show, we camped and had a terrific weekend. In such good company we were delighted to get the WhiteColour Champion with Jenson. We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of his first cria which will be expected next year in June hopefully.

Inside a large maraquee, a smiling woman in a white coat holds the headcollar of a white alpaca. Behind her is a pen of black alpacas.Inside a large marquee. A complex of pens constructed of metal hurdles houses a group of black alpacas and white alpacas, and in the foreground are tables containing alpaca products such as throws and skeins of yarn in natural colours. A large 'Cadenza Alpacas' banner hangs on the hurdles.An impressive array of rosettes is displayed on two white pillows, with a pen of alpacas visible in the background.