Cadenza Fiesta has arrived!

A tiny black alpaca cria (baby) lying on some hay in a field amid a group of adult alpacas. Its mother stands over it protectively.

Cadenza Fiesta arrived on 27th July at 14.10. Her mum, Minnie, was overdue by about 15 days which explains why she weighed in at a bouncing 6.9 Kgs. Being such a small girl Minnie’s previous cria have weighed 5.3 Kgs (Micra 2014) and 5.8 Kgs (Cooper 2016). Fiesta and Minnie were shut inside for the first few days as it rained non-stop, and so Fiesta put all the milk she was drinking to good use and within 10 days she was over 10 Kgs. She is growing so fast it’s hard to believe she is just a couple of weeks old.

A small black alpaca cria (baby) stands in a barn on long, gangly legs, in front of its mother and another, larger alpaca. Both the adults are light brown in colour.A tiny black alpaca cria (baby) stends next to its brown-coloured mother in a wooden shelter with a corrugated roof. There is straw on the floor.